Who are we?

Victoria Falls – Livingstone, Zambia

My name is Ayana. I am a scientist by training, with a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics. I’ve spent much of my professional career working in the field of HIV prevention research and traveling around the globe helping international colleagues start up and run research programs.

My first child was born in 2012. During his first few years, I was not prepared to leave him behind while I continued to travel so instead of suspending my field work, I got him a passport and brought him with me. My international colleagues were incredibly supportive of my decision to travel with my son and in every city where I worked, they identified trusted and reliable nannies from their neighborhoods who were able to come to my hotel and care for my son while I was working.

Boulder Beach – Cape Town, South Africa

I know many working (and vacationing) parents who would love to travel with their children but need a little extra support with childcare when they are away from home. I was very inspired by the support I received from my international colleagues and decided to bring that sense of community to fellow traveling parents here at home.

I hope that the Neighborhood Nanny Network will help alleviate some of the stresses of traveling with children. You can feel comfortable knowing that your child is  close by, in safe and loving hands, while you are working, or just having a much needed parents’ night out.

-Ayana Moore

Owner, Neighborhood Nanny Network

Supporting families on the move! 


Just like Ayana, I have a job that requires frequent travel and I was not sure how I would manage this once my first child was born. Neighborhood Nanny Network has been a blessing for my family. When I travel to the Triangle, I have a nanny who comes to my hotel and cares for my son while I’m working. Each one I’ve had has been fabulous and they have made my transition back to work so much easier. I wish every city had a chapter.

Elizabeth M.
Houston, TX